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Children love Punch & Judy

Mr Juggler & Rocky Raccoon

Mr Juggler gets help from a naughty raccoon

Bernard is an expert at entertaining children whatever the event.

His one hour show includes comedy juggling, balloon modelling, plate spinning and magic which is geared to the ages of the children.

A complete two hour party also includes music and games with a break for party food.

Other options include a Punch & Judy show.

Bernard or Mr. Juggler as he is known by his adoring young fans has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years performing most aspects of magic and allied arts.

Mr Juggler presents a traditional Punch & Judy show with all your favourite characters; Mr. Punch, Judy, Crocodile, Joey the Clown and Policeman. His puppets are hand carved and painted making it a colourful, authentic show.

Punch & Judy is popular with all ages at fun days, fetes and outdoor events. Bernard has visited many schools with his show demonstrating pre-television entertainment.

The shows can be themed with the introduction of Santa and Rudolph at Christmas.  He ensures that each show is personal and thoroughly entertaining.